Our Guiding Principles

Respect for human dignity and fundamental rights

We believe that laws, policies and other measures that keep people in a permanent state of limbo and place them at increased risk of exploitation, abuse, poverty and are contrary to human dignity.

Legal certainty and security

We believe that to make sure that people’s dignity is safeguarded and their security ensured both their legal status and their rights should be laid down (written) in law, and not just in policy.

Government should respect its freely-assumed commitments

We believe that, should the individual meet a number of pre-set conditions, the state should adhere to its commitment to grant or renew a status the individual may benefit from.

Safeguarding the common good

We believe that when taking decisions the state should not only think about political advantage or other short-term gains, it should also think of the impact that the decision will have on our society in the long term.